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The USA and the World

The USA is definitely the most popular and advanced country in the world. It is the world’s biggest economy and has enormous political clout and massive collections of arms and ammunition. Making it the most looked up to and feared country in the world.

Definitely, USA has influence throughout the world and in virtually every continent. It is a developed country with very high per capita income and an ideal nation and an example for many to follow.

Moreover, the world’s biggest companies are all located within the USA. Be it GOOGLE, Apple, Microsoft or Wal-Mart, the biggest fortune 500 companies are all located within the USA.

Moreover, USA is the world leader in every field and also has the best space agency NASA which has many satellites orbiting the earth and exploring the Universe.

Also, Hollywood movies are seen around the world and the stars are well known in most of the globe thus making USA the biggest and the best country in the world.