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The Google self-driving car is making news for all the right reasons. Many tests are being conducted in many parts of the world to test the effectiveness and safety of the self-driving car.

Every year more than 1 million people die due to vehicle crashes on roads. This number reached 1.25 million in 2014. In the US alone 32,675 deaths were reported in vehicle crashed in 2014 alone. There was a 6 per cent increase in deaths in 2016 which reached the highest point as compared to a decade.

Thus all these factors point to one thing-that driving has become more and more unsafe. Also driving is not easy and safe as it should be. The goal of Google is to create a safer driver and they have a deep conviction that their self-driving cars can make driving easier and safer for all.

Google cars have sensors and software which is specially designed to detect pedestrians, vehicles, road work and cyclists all in 360 degrees with a bird’s eye view.

The sensors in their cars detect and also predict the behaviour and the conditions of the entire road including cyclists and pedestrians.

Google cars rely on the technology which is based on 10 million miles of real-world experience which teaches their cars to navigate safely and easily through daily traffic.