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The awareness of one’s History and ones nation’s history is critical for every individual as it provides a frame of reference and a sense of belongingness and also a social-cultural identity and thus connects every individual to his roots.

Humans are recent arrivals on this planet and most of the advancements in science and technology has come in the last 300 to 500 years. As far as religion is concerned most religions are 2000 to 3000 years old with some exceptions.

We have had two world wars in the 20th century and many small wars as well. For most of the last 300 years, it is the European and American continents which have emerged as the strongest and most affluent and powerful.

Today America which does not have a long history is at the top of the game followed by European countries like the UK and Germany. But now things are changing and China and India are emerging as the two new world powers.

Also, Islamic terrorism is a recent development and the ‘War on Terror’ has only taken a strong shape after 9-11. Today the balance is tricky and based on gold and oil and also not to mention the biggest industry in the world-arms and ammunition.