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Every youngster today around the world is aware of the SONY PlayStation and the XBOX 360. In fact, it is the dream of every youngster today to own a PS4 or an XBOX.

Gaming today has taken a quantum leap. Gone are the days of Mario and Packman. Today gaming has become high definition and also advanced and is also aided by VR or virtual reality.

Gaming has become a billion-dollar industry worldwide and it is capturing more and more individuals’ imaginations as it becomes more and more popular by the day.

Need for Speed, Burnout, Grand Theft Auto, God of War and WWE games are some of the most popular titles as far as gaming is concerned.

Games today don’t just entertain but also educate and entertain. For example, there is a game version of who wants to be a millionaire and chess and both these titles are widely popular.

Gaming today is big. Real Big. And it has also become a lucrative career option for many youngsters today. Many estimates suggest that gaming has a great potential and is the future of entertainment.