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Fashion is ‘what’s in’ and always has been ‘in’. Today the divide between countries and continents has decreased because of the internet and the media and the entire world is exposed to the latest trends and fashion from around the world be it Paris, London, India or Venice.

First of all because of Hollywood movies all the latest trends are viewed and emulated by millions and then also because world fashion magazines have become available globally thus individuals from all around the world are exposed to the best and the latest in the world of fashion.

All through newspapers and magazines and also digital media all the trends are evident and youngsters follow and copy these fashion trends be it polka dot skirts or the revolution in denim or bright coloured boots.

Today fashion is not local…it is global as more and more people are getting exposed to celebrities and what they wear. Also, many movie stars and sports stars are creating trends daily and many of them have also started their own fashion and clothesline like HRX by Hrithik Roshan and Wrong by Virat Kohli. Also, David Beckham has also entered the clothesline business and also the perfume industry by creating his own perfumes under his brand name.