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Education around the world is taking a quantum leap. Gone are the days of chalk and duster and learning through cramming through textbooks. Today the focus is on experiential learning and the latest gadgets like computers, projectors and digital whiteboards are being used to educate the youth.

As all the information about almost everything is available online thus just by googling it the students can find about what they want to learn and also by going through YouTube videos children learn a lot and thus teachers are also having to adapt these new world strategies to educate the dynamic, mature and highly aware youth.

Most schools in the US are providing students with IPads so that they can get the best out of the latest technology. Also, online education has become a rage for students wanting to learn languages and also for those who want to upskill themselves.

Because of the IT revolution education will never be the same again and more and more learning will happen quick, fast and swift and not knowledge but skills will take predominance in the future. AI is stimulating the intelligence of the students today.